In 1989 the friendship association of European model railroaders was formed (FREMO) and developed a number of single track free form style module standards. Unlike the earlier module systems, the FREMO concept allowed for maximum flexibility in module design and has been adapted by various groups around the world.

 The idea of Free-Mo is a number of like-minded people can build their own modules which are then able to be connected together to form a much large model train layout.  To allow this to happen a group got together to create a standardized interface, both mechanical and electrical, to allow for the modules to be connected.

There is no specified length of modules in Free-Mo. A Free-Mo module may be made up of a number of segments.  The interface between segments within a module is not specified within the Free-Mo standards.

 The aim of Free-MO is to define the mechanical and electrical interface for single and double track free form modules, using DCC and Wi-Fi for operation of trains. This allows for modules to be constructed by various people and groups to be connected together to form a larger layout which allows for the operational running of trains.

The construction of the Free-Mo modules will follow the AMRA Free Form Standard.

AMRA Free Form Module Standard

Currently there are number of Free-Mo modules being constructed by club members.

One is loosely based on Merrygoen (called Merrygone) in in NSW Central West and the others are free-lance.

A fiddle yard is being built for the storage of trains operating on the layout and also a balloon loop for the turning of trains at the end of the layout.








Single track interface for Free-Mo modules.

  Balloon loop for Free-Mo layout.

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Baseboards for Merrygone

Merrygoen is in the Central West of NSW on the railway line from Mudgee to Gwabegar, it is also the junction of the line to Dubbo.  The track distance from Sydney to Merrygoen is approx. 417.798km via Mudgee and approx. 562km via Dubbo.

The module based on Merrygoen comprises of 4 segments each 1200mm long.

Infrastructure at Merrygoen is the railway station, platform signal box, loco coaling facilities, a 60ft turn table, a 5 ton gantry crane, goods shed, loading bank and S027 grain silo.

Structures for Merrygone

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