Article written by John Coombes

Apart from the running of model trains our hobby has many other very interesting facets. One of these is locomotive kit building. A wide variety of skills are needed to produce a good working model. 

Seven club members are in the process of constructing a number of Lloyd's Model Railways R 285 / Z18 class locomotives. This workshop involves more experienced practitioners of the art of model loco construction guiding the other members in the best techniques for constructing a little piece of history and also giving a valuable addition to each member's running shed. 

The model was selected for a number of reasons. Apart from the price, the model utilises brass and whitemetal construction methods, has a compensated chassis, basic wiring and is highly detailed. 

This simple kit building experience will hopefully provide our members with the confidence to tackle kits of greater complexity. We look forward to seeing more NSW steam locomotives running at the Club. 

Members have also been encouraged to research the original prototype. There is ample documentation available and  there are two surviving examples at the NSW Rail Transport Museum Thirlmere.

The original six locomotives were introduced in 1884, from Vulcan Foundry, as the 285 class. They were used for shunting Sydney Yard with the occasional mainline trip. In 1907 the class were fitted with domed boilers and remained much the same until the end of steam. 

They were used for shunting in various depots and some were fitted with cranes and renumbered in the (X)10 class. Later they were used on the Port Kembla network and 1801 and 1806 were sold to Wallarah colliery where they finished their days. 1802 was sold to the Public Works Dept. 

1076 and 1803 were retained for preservation and now reside at the NSW Rail Transport Museum Thirlmere.

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built by John Coombes

built by Dennis White

built by John Coombes

built by John Pitcher

built by John Coombes

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