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The relay hut at Waterfall was of the single end type signalling relay huts of the NSWR built to the X.66 drawing.  The hut is of precast concrete construction with a fibro - cement sheet roof. This type of signal hut being single ended (ie only a door on one end) did not have a power transformer room on the other end.

This particular huts main use probably would have been to terminate some of the open wire lines circuits which were in use at the time through Waterfall to allow the station and signal box to have communication to stations and signal boxes at Sutherland and Helensburgh.

The model was made by Jonathan Hilliard from Evergreen styrene.  The siding from the Novelty type (4109) which is of similar to the precast concrete slabs used in the huts construction.  The rail used in the base of the hut was "N" gauge code 55 rail with Detail Associates brass wire to simulate the old point rodding for the bracing of the supports for the hut.

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Adjacent to the gangers hut at the northern end of the Waterfall yard was a rail stand which was used for the storage of spare lengths of rail.
Jonathan Hiliard scratch built the stand  from 'N' scale nickel silver track.  The pieces of track were soldered together. The stand is a scale 12m long.
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