I commenced railway modelling in 1963 with Triang British 00 gauge equipment. Due to the usual  "other things" I lost interest and sold my collection in 1966. In 1979 I returned to Railway modelling this time working in American prototype. I concentrated on the  Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railways.

The emergence in the early 1980's of Australian prototype kits lead to a mounting collection. I decided to concentrate on Australian prototype in in 1990 but still dabble a bit with American trains. I have a firm preference for kit and scratchbuilding NSWGR equipment with some Victorian, South Australian and Australian National.

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NSWGR 59 class 2-8-2
NSWGR 57 class 4-8-2
NSWGR 36 class 4-6-0

NSWGR 38 class 4-6-2

NSWGR 49 class
SRA 81 class
NSWGR 19 class 0-6-0 

NSWGR 43 class
NSWGR 41 class

NSWGR 30 class 4-6-4 tank

 NSWGR 12 class 4-4-0

NSWGR A93 0-6-0

NSWGR 20 class 2-6-4
NSWGR 13 class 4-4-2

PTC 442 class Australian National DA1 class

South Australian Railways 900

NSWGR 47 class Co-Co diesel

AL class Co-Co Diesel  

South Australian Railways 930

NSWGR 26 class 2-6-2
NSWGR 18 class 0-6-0

NSWGR 72 class Diesel SRA 86 class

NSWGR CPH Rail Motor NSWGR 79 class
NSWGR 46 class Co-Co electric
Hammersley Iron Alco C628
South Australian Railways 800

NSWGR 70 class
LNWR Problem class
NSWGR 80 class
NSWGR 20 class 2-6-4

1891 AC State Car
CCA Composite car
KA Tram car

4-6-0 No 1357
4-6-0 No 102
0-6-0 Switcher No 35
2-8-4 Kanhawa
NSWGR T14 2-2-2 - NEW -
NSWGR M40 4-4-2 - NEW - Frieghtcorp 82 class - NEW - National Rail AN class - NEW -  

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Broad Gauge Bodies kit
Broad Gauge Bodies kit
Broad Gauge Bodies kit
Broad Gauge Bodies kit
Broad Gauge Bodies kit

Broad Gauge Bodies kit
SPEED - E - GAS tank wagon

Commonwealth Railways GM 12
Harman Coal Grab

  Modified Calipari FO 

Dairy Farmers Milk car
Ac State Car Lloyd's kit RSH Rutile hopper

Commonwealth Railways CL1

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