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There no such thing as too many drills...

and there's no such thing as too much internal bracing

especially if someone else is doing the cutting

Bill loves to drill

The layout is 6.0m x 3.0 m. The individual baseboards are 2.0 metres long and 900mm wide. They sit on three legged trestles. The baseboards are made from 12 mm structural plywood. They are extensively braced underneath. We have found that tos surfaces of the layout boards tend to sag over time without thorough bracing.

fitting the baseboards joints meant even more drillling,
note Simon,on the right, supervising

it was decided we required even more internal bracing

The power packs for the new lighting system produced by Jonathan

Lights connect with DIN plugs. Varnished as well !


Lashings of varnish to seal the boards

Everybody wants to use Phil's drills

lets put in just one more brace

Tim applying a base coat of paint and a topping of senic material

Adam working on the backscene boards

Track joints from the front boards
to the fiddle yard
Mike fabricated a new system for bolting the boards together

Completed scratch built signals
New York Central style on the left, C&O style on the right

Phil soldering gauntlet track

Bill ballasting track


The track on the scenic portions of the layout is code 83 flex track made by Micro Engineering. The tracks are laid on 6mm cork and a 17mm ply subroadbed. The minimum radius curve is around 900mm (3 feet).

The gauntlet track is hand laid. It is soldered onto copper clad fibreglass sleepers.

The turnouts (points) on the front boards are made by Micro Engineering. The crossings are from Shinohara.

Completed examples of gauntlet track before painting weathering

Sub roadbed (17mm plywoood) and cork getting glued down.

Bridge abutments in place.

Bridge, track and landforms in place

River bottom painted, scenicing underway

Left hand end board. Track laid.
Land form contours being built up

Left hand and middle board with land forms and bridge in place

Structures in place, scenics underway

Right hand end board. Track laid.
Addtional scenic bridges in place.
Land forms contours being built up-
foam and spackfiller
First layer of scenic material added
lots of blended turf
Ballasted, tower in place,
greenery along the track in progress

The ground work is made up of plywood, styrofoam and spack filler. We used Woodlands Scenics products mainly to do the scenics. The river is simulated using artist’s gloss medium sculpted over a painted base.

The buildings on the layout are mainly kits produced by Walthers which were built up or kit bashed by club members. The Highway bridge is a Rix kit as are the highway guard rails. The plate girder railway bridge is a chopped up Atlas kit.

The lineside details such as relay cabinets and switch motors are white metal castings from Details West. The flashing railway crossing signals are a Busch kit.

The signals were scratch built. The bridge has been adapted from the Walthers Bascule bridge kit

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